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Investment Approach
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Labrador Capital is a private equity firm investing in companies at the smaller end of the middle market, across a variety of industries. We invest in established companies valued under $50 million with a demonstrable capacity for growth and value creation. We partner with strong management teams and provide significant post-investment support to achieve sustainable growth, substantial operating improvements, and enhanced value in our portfolio companies.

Our mission is to generate superior investment returns for our investors. We do so by:

Developing a Strategic and Operating Plan
We approach each investment by developing a strategy for value creation and a comprehensive operating plan to execute, post-investment. We work with management to set strategic direction and operating goals and support our portfolio companies in executing the strategy. We instill a discipline of defined operating plans and metrics and overlay systems to monitor performance to ensure the achievement of strategic, operating, and financial objectives.

Executing the Plan
With a strategic and operating plan, which we regularly reevaluate, we provide quick and decisive leadership, execution and operational support on strategic initiatives, including acquisitions, new market entries, product or service extensions, and management recruitment and enhancement. Management executes the operating plan which is focused on implementing the strategy and creating substantial operating improvements. We assist and support management, where needed or when performance is below plan, and can provide additional capital for liquidity or growth.

Investing in Management
Our investments are predicated on investing in talented management teams in operationally sound companies with a compelling premise for value enhancement. We require strong and reliable management teams to execute on successful operating plans and work continuously with management to enhance and build superior management teams. We encourage management to own a significant stake alongside us to share in the rewards and risks of equity ownership. In addition, we provide further incentives to managers through performance-based incentive compensations plans.

Investing with Discipline
We seek investments where we can identify a reasonable and compelling path to value creation. We are rigorous in our analysis and are disciplined in keeping within our investment parameters. We seek to maximize downside protection in the way we source, value and structure our investments while working with sellers to meet their objectives


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