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As a Partner in Management Buy-ins
Among the financial partners I spoke with about supporting an acquisition strategy from scratch, Labrador Capital demonstrated an unmatched level of interest and action that continues to support our company's growth and success. Labrador Capital was able to recognize my value and strengths as an operator with both large and entrepreneurial organizations in the senior care industry and create a partnership that complements our respective strengths to build a successful and growing business. Labrador Capital has proven to be ideal partners, leading acquisitions, financings, and strategic and operational initiatives, where needed, to grow the business through acquisitions, while leaving day-to-day operations to management.

Floyd Rhoades
CEO, Vista Cove Senior Living

As a Partner in Management Buyouts
Labrador Capital was instrumental in supporting the management buyout of our company, by structuring and negotiating the deal, leading the acquisition process, and navigating the post-closing transition so that management could remain focused on enhancing the business. Labrador Capital enabled me to own and manage the company in which I worked at for most of my career, allowing me to continue with its success as a principal shareholder.

Mark Miller
President, Robert Brandt & Co.

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