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  Our Role
Working with Owners
Our Role

Labrador Capital is an involved and patient investor. As activist directors, we provide expertise and assistance to portfolio companies in a variety of strategic areas, including, strategic planning, financial controls, working capital management, and acquisitions and divestitures. We leverage the expertise of and access to our networks to share best practices across companies, develop new customer and acquisition opportunities and cultivate strategic partnerships.

We are your partner in building value. We provide strategic guidance and advice through board participation and leave the day-to-day operations of the company to management. We recognize that outstanding companies are built by great managers, not great investors.

Effective Oversight
We work closely with management to establish a rigorous system to establish operating plans and to monitor corporate results on a consistent and continual basis. The process instills a discipline that translates into predictable and superior performance. We are involved in developing and reviewing budgets and detailed financial forecasts and providing input on broader strategic planning efforts. Over the course of an investment, difficult situations may arise. Labrador Capital's experience in such situations and its resolve in supporting an investment often preserve shareholder value and the long-term positioning of the company.

Acquisitions and Divestitures
Labrador Capital serves as a catalyst for buying and selling businesses, offering an array of contacts as well as its own experience in executing transactions. Acquisitions and divestitures enable portfolio companies to expand and solidify market positions, diversify sources of revenues, increase operating, manufacturing and management capacity, better focus their businesses and increase their financial and operational flexibility.

Extended Networks
Labrador Capital has developed an extensive network of contacts that is readily available to our portfolio companies. These relationships are resourced to assist companies in accessing the capital markets, recruiting additional management and board members, providing valuable market intelligence, and pursuing strategic business opportunities including mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures when appropriate.

Alignment of Interests
The best managers think and act like owners. Therefore, we encourage managers to make a significant financial investment in their company alongside us, to share in the rewards and risks of equity ownership. In addition, we provide further incentives to management through performance-based incentive stock options.


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